The Rules


At the start of each month, every member of The 100 Club is allocated a set of six teams - one each from the Premier League, the Championship, Leagues One & Two, the National League & from a list of 24 Scottish clubs. Only those members who are fully paid up are included in the monthly competition.


The teams are determined by creating a list of all the clubs in their respective divisions and allocating a number from 1-20 from the Premier League and 1-24 from the five other lists. Using an online random number generator, teams are then drawn at random. Due to the mathematics of random probability, many teams are replicated throughout the sets - but the odds of two sets being exactly the same are remote.


The monthly competition starts on the first of the month and finishes on the last day of the calendar month. Prize money is divided between the highest accumulative goals total and the lowest. The monthly prize money is indicated on that month's Goals Galore page. It is paid out at the beginning of the following month.


Updates are made on a regular basis across the month, with the running total of goals scored indicated, along with the date of the last page update. Any mistakes should be notified, but winning sets, as well as those close to the prize money, are in any case double-checked at the end of each month to ensure


This is a private members competition, open only to readers of AKUTR's. In the unlikely event of any dispute, the editor's decision is final.